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Actually most of Dublin’s Cultural attractions are available for free, including most museums and art galleries. If you are looking for something on a budget and are willing to invest a couple of Euro I would recommend investing it in a tour of the history and heritage of Dublin.

Dublin City Hall

Dublin City Hall

The Story of the Capital tour in Dublin City Hall is an exciting exhibition tracing the history of Dublin City. It tells of the city’s founding, through Viking times and into the unique and vibrant city of today. The story is told through multimedia displays, which offer a fascinating insight into the city’s evolution, and the city’s treasures can also be viewed.

City Hall is a spectacular piece of architecture, designed by Thomas Cooley and built as The Royal Exchange for a then prosperous Dublin’s merchant population between 17691779. Dublin City Council have owned the building since 1851 and have recently restored it to its original beauty. Free audio guides are available in a number of languages. Tickets for the tour can be booked online here Adults 3.60, Student 2.00 and children are charged 1.50 euro.

For more information about Dublin City Hall click here.

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