Dublin Photo – Art on the Liffey

Events, What's New — By vourneentaylor on September 30, 2010 at 11:15 am

Irish contemporary artist Fergal McCarthy’s visionary new project LiffeyTown will have its world premiere at this year’s Festival. A public art installation of floating red and green houses, LiffeyTown will be moored on the River Liffey for the duration of the Festival. Do the houses mirror the shaky foundation of Ireland’s housing obsession? Are they drawing our attention to the river, Dublin’s real city centre? Or maybe they’re a futuristic vision? Take a stroll, day or night, along the quays and decide for yourself.

Co-produced and presented by Absolut fringe. Fabrication Design Ger Clancy. For more information on LiffeyTown visit www.liffeytown.com

“Magical, thoughtful and epic, Fergal McCarthy’s impression on the Liffey will stay with you long after this installation leaves the river”. Róise Goan, Director, ABSOLUT Fringe

Art on the Liffey

Art on the Liffey

Courtesy of infomatique

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