Travel solo in Dublin

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Whether you are visiting Dublin on a business trip or passing through as a solo backpacker, Dublin is a safe and fun city to enjoy alone.


Many hotels will charge almost the same price for one guest as they would for two people sharing, so budget conscious travellers should consider staying in one of the city’s many hostels, where beds are available in shared rooms for as little as €10 per night. What you sacrifice in privacy you will gain in companionship – hostellers are friendly bunch, and you can be almost guaranteed to find a new friend to share a meal or a pint with.


All Dublin restaurants and cafes will cater for single diners, but if you are looking for company, Avoca and Cornucopia are good choices, where customers push up and make room along communal tables for groups no matter how big or small.


Going to the pub for a drink alone is not uncommon in Ireland, especially for men. If you are nervous about the concept but determined to give Dublin nightlife a try, consider a pub with live music or entertainment – The International Bar on Wicklow St has regular comedy nights upstairs, and the trad sessions in the Cobblestone in Smithfield would also make a good choice. Temple Bar should generally be avoided at night if you are travelling alone, as it is the area of choice for large and rowdy hen and stag groups.

City of a Thousand Welcomes

A new civic initiative offers visitors a chance to have a cup of tea or a pint with a Dubliner – the service is completely free, and the organisers try their best to match your interests with those of your host. Apply in advance of your trip by registering on their website,

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