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When you arrive in a new city after a flight long or short, the last thing you want is to be faced with a complicated, lengthy or pricey journey to get to the to the city centre. Once upon a time, taxis were the only reliable form transport from Dublin Airport, but the options have expanded hugely over the last few years. Here’s our How To guide to getting to the city from Dublin Airport:


Dublin Airport is located 10km north of the city centre on the M1 motorway, and is now well served by public transport.

Dublin Bus

The cheapest way to get to the city is to take a Dublin Bus. The numbers 16A, 41, 41B and 41C depart every 10-20mins from the bus stop to the left as you come out of the Arrivals hall, and take about 45mins to get into the centre, depending on traffic. They take a slightly circuitous route, stopping regularly in residential areas along the way which increases the travel time, but at just €1.85 per adult, it is by far the cheapest option. See


Dublin Bus also runs an Airlink service(numbers 747 and 748) which go direct to the city centre, terminating at Busaras, which is the main bus terminal for Bus Eireann inter-city services.The trip takes about 30 mins, and tickets cost €6 single or €10 return.



The Aircoach is a faster and more luxurious ride run by a private company, with reclining leather seats and air-con. It stops at all the major hotels along the main route from the airport into the city, before continuing on to serve the suburbs on the southside of Dublin, along the coast to Greystones. Aircoaches depart from a bus stop directly opposite the main Terminal 1 Arrivals hall exit, and cost €€7–13 single or €12–20 return depending on distance. They also run a cheap and comfortable coach all the way to Cork for €15 single or €22 return. See



Taxis are plentiful – there is a taxi rank to the right of the Terminal 1 Arrivals door. A trip to the city centre will cost about €25-30 depending on the number of people, time of day and distance, and if you are travelling in a group this may work out cheaper and more convenient than taking the Aircoach.


Car rental

There are many different car rental companies with offices at Dublin airport. Budget and Thrifty often have good deals if you book online in advance. You will exit the airport onto the M1/Ni motorway; the city centre is well signposted.


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