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Dublin’s Famine Ship

Dublin’s Famine Ship September 29, 2011 | What's New | Read More
The Jeanie Johnson, docked at Custom House Quay on the north banks of the River Liffey in Dublin’s city centre, is a replica of a Famine ship which brought impoverished Irish people from  from Tralee in County Kerry to America in search of a better life between 1847 and 1855. Visitors can board...

Fleeing the Great Irish Potato Famine

Fleeing the Great Irish Potato Famine April 18, 2011 | Things to Do | Read More
You may have heard about the Great Famine or Irish Potato Famine that Ireland suffered between 1845 and 1852, you may even know that over 1 million people starved to death, or died from related diseases, but to put a human perspective on this blackest period in Ireland’s history,  visit the Jeanie...