Hungry on Your Roadtrip? Choose from Three Delicious Snack Options

Food — By Alex on July 8, 2010 at 7:59 pm

While in Edinburgh you may wish to take a day trip to many of the wonderful places beyond.  And if you do, you may want to take a meal with you to keep you going.

Here are 3 delicious options for a snack/meal for your roadtrip: The “Sweet Tooth” Option, the Slightly Healthier Option and the Scotsman’s Alternative Option.

In the Sweet Tooth Option we made a meal composed of the following snacks:

A packet of Haggis flavoured Potato Crisps – these will certainly give you the true taste of Scotland with the distinct Haggis flavour.
A Macaroon Bar – traditionally made from mashed potato and sugar, covered in a coat of chocolate and coconut.
A Tunnock’s Tea Cake – a personal favourite and once you taste this marshmallow and biscuit covered in chocolate you will soon find out why!
A Pork Pie – exactly as it says on the tin.  Pork meat and pork jelly sealed in a crust pastry.
Scottish Tablet – definitely for a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with this confectionary.
And finally, wash it all down with: A bottle of Irn Bru – Scotland’s favourite soft drink with it’s unique taste.  A must try while in Scotland.

Yummy: The Sweet Tooth Option

For those of you who wish to take a meal with a Slightly Healthier Option we suggest the following:

A Scotch Egg – served cold, it is a hard boiled egg wrapped in pork meat and breadcrumbs.
Oatcakes and Cheddar Cheese – although dry on their own, oatcakes go very well with some cheddar cheese.
Scottish Shortbread – a biscuit with a distinct melt-in-the-mouth buttery taste.  A great scottish export and for good reason!
A bottle of Highland Spring Water – water filtered through the volcanic scottish layers.

Mmm...The Slightly Healthier Option

Finally we have a popular Scottish Alternative Meal:

There is a popular saying amonst Scotsmen “Eating is Cheating”.  In other words, a liquid meal is usually the preferred option.  Here we have:

A bottle of Scottish Real Ale – A Scotsman’s favourite beer.
A bottle of Single Malt Whisky – needs no explanation.  I’m sure we all know and love this!

Pour me a glass...A Scotsman's Favourite!

Just remember to drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive (clearly, this last option is intended as a way to celebrate your arrival at the destination).

[All photos by Alex Demianczuk].

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