Penguins are Hatching at Edinburgh Zoo!

Kid Friendly, Things to Do — By Christina Maria Paschyn on May 2, 2011 at 6:34 pm

Breaking news from Edinburgh Zoo: penguin eggs are hatching!! Zookeepers reported that the first egg is starting to chip, which means more chicks will begin to break out of their shells over  the next few days.

The Penguin Parade at Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo is renowned for its penguin colony (the first of its kind in the world in 1914), which apparently has laid more than 100 eggs this year. Unfortunately, as is typical in nature, many of the eggs will not hatch because they are broken or not viable. And some of the chicks will not survive to adulthood.

Still, the mass penguin hatching is an event worth celebrating. Visit the Edinburgh Zoo to see the miracle of life for yourself, where you can also catch the Penguin Parade (at 2:15pm everyday). Or watch the zoo’s livestream Penguin Cam.

[Image by Geograph]

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