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Romantic Restaurants in Edinburgh

Romantic Restaurants in Edinburgh February 26, 2011 | Food, Romantic | Read More
Keeping with the romance theme, perhaps you would rather retreat indoors for a hearty meal? Edinburgh has a slew of charming restaurants in a variety of price ranges to help you set the mood. Here are our top choices: The Pompadour If you are looking to splurge, the Pompadour restaurant in the five-star...

Great Edinburgh Pubs

Great Edinburgh Pubs February 25, 2011 | Food, Nightlife | Read More
Edinburgh boasts an exciting array of theme bars and traditional pubs (some even supposedly haunted) that serve great selections of Scottish whiskeys and ales. Here’s a list of pubs that tourists and locals alike love to drink in and are guaranteed to make your nights out in Edinburgh all the...

Burns Night: How to Make Haggis

Burns Night: How to Make Haggis January 24, 2011 | Food | Read More
Tomorrow Scotsmen and women all over the world will celebrate Burns Night, and if you’re in Edinburgh, I hope you will honor Scotland’s national bard by eating haggis at a tradition Burns Night supper or dancing a jig at a ceilidh. Speaking of haggis, as you may be aware, not everyone in...

Hungry? Try EdinTaste

Hungry? Try EdinTaste September 23, 2010 | Events, Food | Read More
Here’s a shout out to EdinTaste, which is putting on a delicious event on October 5th. Learn more below: @EdinTaste invites you to join fellow food lovers for a dinner and whisky tasting at Redwood Restaurant in Stockbridge. The restaurant features Californian cuisine using fresh local Scottish...

Hungry on Your Roadtrip? Choose from Three Delicious Snack Options

Hungry on Your Roadtrip? Choose from Three Delicious Snack Options July 8, 2010 | Food | Read More
While in Edinburgh you may wish to take a day trip to many of the wonderful places beyond.  And if you do, you may want to take a meal with you to keep you going. Here are 3 delicious options for a snack/meal for your roadtrip: The “Sweet Tooth” Option, the Slightly Healthier Option and...

Spare Less Than a Fiver at The Chanter

Spare Less Than a Fiver at The Chanter June 16, 2010 | Food, Nightlife | Read More
Hungry in Edinburgh but only got a fiver? Pop by The Chanter for a ridiculously cheap yet delicious meal. Located at 30-32 Bread Street, close to Lothian Road and the Grassmarket, the pub offers several meal deals for only £1.99 (about $3 US). Like Scampie and Chips, Bangers and Mash, Lasagne, and...

Concierge Picks for Edinburgh

Concierge Picks for Edinburgh May 21, 2010 | Food, Hotels, Nightlife, Travel Tips | Read More
No one knows a city better than a hotel concierge. We’ve asked Gareth Chess, the receptionist/concierge for The Royal Terrace Hotel, to give us his top picks for an authentic Scottish night out in Edinburgh. Where do you send visitors when they want to have a drink close to the hotel? There’s a...
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