Ruta 40 From El Bolson to Bariloche

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This weekend we rented a car (Pulmari Turismo – 02944 493-093 ) and drove from El Bolsón to Bariloche.  This time of year, after the summer high season and just before the ski season, there’s almost nobody out on the road. We saw literally one other car and one bus in 2 hours of driving.

In between El Bolsón and Bariloche there are several side roads to wilderness areas including Lago Steffen and Rio Manso, as well as various access points to Nahuel Huapi National Park.

It had snowed the night before and the landscape + emptiness of the road made everything seem somewhat foreboding. I stopped just past Cascada de la Virgen and took this picture.

Ruta 40 El Bolson - Bariloche

Ruta 40 El Bolson - Bariloche

We spent just one night in Bariloche, staying in the Pajaro Azul. We were the only people there that night, and the place was clean, quiet, definitely recommendable. Only 100 pesos (a little over $25 at current exchange rate).

The next morning we took the coastal road Bustillo to the municipal park llao llao. The terrain here is old growth cohiue with a huge understory of caña colihue. In many places it’s like walking through tunnels in the canebrakes.

Ski season at Cerro Catedral opens in a couple weeks.  I’ll look forward to going back then when I can board, but for now this is kind of a special time in this part of the world–it’s just really quiet and you have places to yourself.

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