3 Places to Watch the World Cup in El Bolson, Argentina

What's New — By davidmiller on June 23, 2010 at 1:43 pm

We’ve been celebrating a lot here each time Argentina plays in the World Cup. After a victory the restaurant and bars and houses and schools empty and everyone goes to the center of town (Plaza Pagazno) to cheer.

So far we’ve just watched the games at Jauja , a popular cafe and ice cream shop in the middle of town. The vibe here is calm enough so our two-year old can enjoy the games with us.

For a more rocking option, all the kids are bringing their drums and getting fired up for the games at El Sol, a pub and “resto-bar” (Dorrego 423 | 02944-492136.)

One other good option for watching matches down here would be Hummus.

Here are some pics of post game celebrations in the streets:

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