Argentina World Cup Retrospective

What's New — By davidmiller on July 5, 2010 at 12:36 am

There’s probably little in the world deader than the World Cup in Argentina after Argentina has been beaten. Nobody here really cares who wins now.

We went to see the last game, following our same cabala or superstitious routine, by going to Jauja, although we couldn’t help but feel like something was off when they didn’t reserve our regular table.

Anyway, the game’s history now — Argentina simply outplayed on every level by Germany– but it’s worth noting that the people here in El Bolson didn’t seem as sad as they might have otherwise, if say they’d lost by a single goal and not seen the team for what it really was, ultra talented but not without weaknesses.

Still, over the past three weeks after seeing the spontaneous celebrations that detonated in this small Patagonian town after each win, I felt the need to share just a few more pics of the total joy and madness.