Day Hiking Lago Puelo

What's New — By davidmiller on July 19, 2010 at 3:19 am

It’s been sunny for the last 4 day in Patagonia. This was after nearly two months of rain (June, July up until now). We took a remis one way (40 pesos) from El Bolson to Lago Puelo, the next town to the south, about 15 kms.

Lago Puelo is the gateway to Parque Nacional Lago Puelo, a national park that includes nearly 300 square kilometers of wilderness, accessible only by foot or boat. There are old growth forests for Cohiue, and pristine, still potable creeks that drain the snowfields in the highcountry.

Earlier this Spring I hiked the Sendero de los Hitos some 15 kms through Lago Puelo National Park to the border of Chile. This was the first time I’ve been back since, and it was strange to look at the ridgelines I’d studied a few months ago now fully snowed in.

Exploring the shore of Lago Puelo. Background: Cerro 3 Picos

exploring the shoreline at Lago Puelo, with Cerro 3 Picos in the background

Lago Puelo National park is open year round, although the campground is closed except during summer (Dec-Feb). You could set up a low-profile camp right now however, and nobody would bother you.

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