How to Walk in Florence, Italy

Travel Tips — By katiegreenaway on June 3, 2010 at 9:55 am

Florence is a very walkable city.  As I told you before, you must bring comfy shoes.  But I wanted to give you some tips that I learned living here.  There are many things you need to be aware of when walking or strolling down the streets of Florence.

  1. Standing in the middle of the sidewalk is a no-no. When looking at a map move out of the way of the walkers coming up behind you.
  2. When you hear a bell, get out of the middle of the street. There is a bike behind you.
  3. Clip-clop of hooves. There is a horse carriage trying to get through.  Move to the sidewalk, please.
  4. Street cleaners.  They drive slow but they also aren’t afraid to take you out.  Laura from Ciao Amalfi, was a victim of this.
  5. When you hear a LOUD horn, buses are a-coming. Make sure when you decide to stroll in the middle of a somewhat busy street that there is a possibility that a bus, tiny or big, might be catching up to you.  Be cautious.
  6. When you hear a BEEP, Taxis are a-coming. In the center, for sure, there are many taxis that pass through the busy pedestrian streets.  Keep your eyes peeled and grab onto loved ones from being hit by a taxi. (NOTE: No worries, taxis will not be speeding on pedestrian streets).

I’m not saying that you can’t enjoy a nice evening stroll in Florence.  Just be aware of your surroundings and keep your ears open.  Enjoy walking safely in Florence, Italy. :)

Walking safety in Florence, Italy


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