Trussardi in 1911

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The fashion season starts in Florence this month. All is a flutter in Palazzo Pitti and Stazione Leopolda. This year it is the 79th annual Pitti Imagino Uomo and Trussardi is showing off their fantastic 100 years of bringing fashion to a new level for men. The event is being held at Stazione Leopolda in Florence calling it Trussardi in 1911. They will be presenting the new Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2011-12. The story of Trussardi started 100 years ago when Dante Trussardi made his  first pair of gloves for the company. Trussardi obtained the symbol of a greyhound, representing agility, speed and elegance during the 1970s. The factory in Alme, near Bergamo, became the headquarters of Nicola Trussardi’s creative design in the 70s. In 1980, the first Milan showroom is built in Piazza Duse. From mini cars to electric motored scooters, Trussardi has become an innovator over the years, creating and building every piece in Italy.

Trussardi Photo Credit Sweda

On Wednesday January 12, there will be an exhibition at the Stazione Leopolda at 7pm. It will be streaming live on the website Trussardi in 1911 collaborated with and will present an interactive show. You won’t have to wait to purchase these new collection pieces, you can pre-order online at Stazione Leopolda will be transformed into the world of Trussardi. Emerging the latest styles with its story told through the characters and icons that have made Trussardi a major player in the international fashion scene. Dante Trussardi welcomes you to an evening with a fashion show which will have a performance depicting the history of the company. This exhibition will remain on stage until January 16th which is open to the public daily from 10am-8pm. Then the exhibit will move to Milan to the Palazzo Trussardi alla Scala in Piazza della Scala 5. You can visit this exhibit during the months of January and February. Trussardi has outdid themselves as a company. From 1911 to 2011 they are now presenting a collection of new and fabulous pieces combining the past, present and future of the Trussardi name.

Trusssardi 1911 Photo Credit GQ Men

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