SMS Ataf Bus Ticket

What's New — By katiegreenaway on March 1, 2011 at 7:11 am

Beginning on March 16th, you will be able to ride the bus without actually buying a ticket. You will be able to pay for your ticket using your credit card: easy as pie. No more excuses of not having a ticket or explaining to the bus police that you didn’t have time to buy one. Since I have been riding the bus a lot this past year, I have always had a ticket since the bus police are always boarding the bus to do a check. This new model of a sms bus ticket will do wonders to the inconvenience of forgetting to buy a ticket or when the tabaccheria and bars are closed. How it will work: you will simply put in your credit card number onto the ticket form online where then you will be charged 1,20 for the 90 minute ride plus how much it costs to receive a sms. And that is all. When the bus police board you will show them a code in the sms. That simple. When more details become available, I will update this blog post. Happy bus-riding!

Electric bus in Piazza del Carmine Photo credit Katie Greenaway

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