Best Places to Travel Solo in Florence

Things to Do — By katiegreenaway on August 17, 2011 at 4:33 pm
Being solo in Florence can be a bummer but can also give you the freedom to hit all the places without the drag of others. Florence has a plethora of venues you can venture to by yourself. A favorite of mine is finding a cozy patch of grass at the Giardino dell’Orticoltura and sit with the tremendous view of Florence. Bring a picnic lunch or dinner and enjoy the calmness of the city while you listen to the sounds around you.

Relax on the grass with a nice book

Fiesole is only a short bus ride north of the city center. Grab the number 7 bus from San Marco and ride it to the end of the line. Once there, take a stroll up to the gorgeous San Francesco church at the top of the hill, right behind where the bus parks. Enjoy the view by sitting on the edge of the wall while Florence continues to mesmerize you.

San Francesco Church in Fiesole

Le Cascine is the largest park in Florence. There is a pool and walkway around the park in which many locals take advantage of running or biking along. Enjoy a long walk, rent a bike and explore the park of Cascine.

Le Cascine near the Arno River

Boboli Gardens costs to enter but it is worth the visit. While traveling alone you can take you time and unearth all the treasures this garden has to offer. There is a porcelain museum on the top of the garden where you can enter and examine the precious pieces of work. Search the fountains and walk down all the small alleyways of trees. Imagine being amongst the Medici family strolling along the flowers.

Boboli Gardens in the Summertime

Santi Apostoli, a small church that has withstood many natural disasters and war. A perfect place to sit and rest and reflect on the day you had in Florence. This church is calm and full of energy that can leave you feeling energized. Light a candle and wander of this one of a kind church.

A great spot to sit and relax

Photo credit: Le Cascine, Boboli Gardens

Other photo credits: Katie Greenaway

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