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Wine flows all through this city. As it should so close to Chianti, Montalcino and the hills of Tuscany that produce such delicious wine. In Florence there are many relaxing wine bars to frequent and spend your evening sipping great wine and eating great food.

Enoteca Coquinarius

Enoteca Coquinarius is a perfect place to start. Located on Via delle Oche, this little hole in the wall has only 10 tables and can be a fight to get into. There once was a stable here during the days of Dante Alighieri. Now only wine runs through these doors. A simple wine bar that serves fresh and delectable dishes that compliment the wine that is served. Make a reservation or just get there early enough to get a table around 7-7:30pm.

Enoteca is wine bar in Italian.

La Buchetta has been opened for about a year now and it has caught the eyes of many locals. This wine bar has a splendid ambiance of soft music and the chatter of the Fiorentino language. The dishes are prepared with attention and care. The presentation is just as great as the quality of the food. They serve a superb fondue with carpaccio meat. Wine flows through these doors as well since ‘la buchetta’ is one of the little wine doors that was found inside this palazzo. When back during the Renaissance these doors were used to sell the excess wine of the noble families vineyards in the countryside.

Wine doors are prevalent throughout Florence

Le Volpe e l’uva is one of the most hidden wine bars in Florence. Located after passing over Ponte Vecchio, this tiny wine bar is a perfect place to have a quick bite before heading back to the hotel. After a long day of walking through the city, sitting in this authentic wine bar nibbling on crostone, bruschette, pecorino and prosciutto and savoring your glass of wine.

Le Volpe e L'uva interior

All of these wine bars are sensational and won’t be easy to leave. Be sure to try a different wine at each one and experiment with the typical Tuscan food that can be served with each wine. Don’t be boring and try only Chianti, ask your waiter for their recommendations as well.

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