Top 5 Romantic Hotels

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Florence encompasses so much beauty and charm that when it comes to finding a romantic hotel, it is quite easy.

Hotel Regency facade

Hotel Regency is a hotel set in an area without many tourists in Piazza D’Azeglio. This hotel boasts on catering to their couples making it the most romantic stay in Florence. There is an intimate garden veranda where you can eat in peace without distractions from other guests. The rooms are fully equipped with all the modern amenities with a large marble bathroom. The hotel is full of tradition and style where you will not be annoyed by the center people traffic.

The lobby and courtyard in Hotel Alba

Hotel Alba is located near the main train station (Santa Maria Novella) on Via della Scala. The characteristic hotel has a inner courtyard that was turned into the dining room for breakfast. It was renovated to represent the classical styling of the Florentine design which brings out this 3-star hotel. The rooms are decorated tastefully created with simple furniture paired with old-style grandeur. A great stay for couples who want some distance from the chaos of the city.

Cellai Hotel is a not far from bus central, San Marco, where many buses pass through each day. Close to the Duomo as well, this is an ideal hotel for loved ones that love to be close to the action. The hotel is charming and relaxing even if it is located right along the buses path. This hotel was once the housing for young aristocrats that ventured to drink in Florence’s divine beauty.

Bernini Palace suite for just the two of you!

Bernini Palace offers a sophisticated stay with your special someone. There is a restaurant called Ristorante Parlamento that serves the traditional dishes and entices your taste-buds to try new Tuscan flavors. The Lounge Bar Brunello is a perfect place to sit you and your significant other down and enjoy some great wine or sip a cocktail slowly. The hotel is of a modern design but boasts in traditional Tuscan furnishings that grabs the attention of not only international clientele but also the more high end clientele.

Turkish Bath to cuddle with your loved one at the Borghese Palace

Borghese Art Palace is an art-themed contemporary hotel that is located inside the 15th-century Palazzo Borghese. Not far from the Duomo, the hotel is designed with contemporary and original artworks. There is a spa and fitness center where after a great workout you can soak in the Turkish bath. A great end of the day activity to do with your special someone. Art exhibits are opened every month which encompasses the whole hotel.These romantic hotels will keep your hearts racing throughout your stay.
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