SNUBA: Snorkeling + Scuba = FAMILY FUN

Things to Do, What's New — By Julie on July 9, 2010 at 4:11 pm

For adventure junkies who want to go beyond snorkeling and experience the Keys’ underwater beauty in a safe, comfortable and easy way can try SNUBA, a method that enables ocean lovers to breathe easily underwater without wearing dive gear or earning a certification.

With SNUBA, people can discover the Keys’ remarkable coral formations and schools of tropical fish while gliding effortlessly beneath the surface along the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States.

Rapidly growing in popularity, SNUBA blends the simplicity of snorkeling and the excitement and freedom of scuba diving to create a way for people of all ages to explore the underwater world of the Florida Keys.

SNUBA “divers” breathe underwater by means of a 20-foot air line attached to an air supply that sits on a 5-foot-long rubber pontoon raft at the water’s surface. No prior diving or snorkeling experience is required.

After a 15-20 minute briefing during the trip to the reef, a professionally trained diving guide takes passengers on an underwater tour of the marine environment.

During the experience, participants are never more than 20 feet from the security of the floating raft — while viewing undersea wonders that might include reefs, wrecks, and diverse sea life such as rays, sharks, tropical fish, sponges, corals and much more.

The sport is particularly suited to family adventurers  – children eight years and older, couples or seniors – as well as people  interested in an underwater breathing experience who may go on to become certified in scuba diving.

For a list of dive centers in the Florida Keys that offer SNUBA, visit

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