“Become a Wreck Trekker” Dive Challenge Continues

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Call us “tank heads” or bubble blowers, but for a full-metal tour of the Shipwreck Trail in the Keys, nothing’s better.

Now, divers can get great STUFF just for diving wrecks. Cool.

A “Wreck Trek Passport Program,”spotlighting the Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail, now awaits divers visiting the Florida Keys.

The Eagle, off Islamorada

Certified divers can explore the destination’s most appealing feature — a string of sunken vessels and artificial reefs — and be awarded for logging back-to-back wreck dives or dives on subsequent visits through Jan. 1, 2012.

Divers taking up the challenge receive an “Official Florida Keys Wreck Trek” logbook upon reserving dive trips with participating dive shops.

The dive passport highlights nine shipwrecks from Key Largo to Key West including Spiegel Grove, Duane, Bibb, Eagle, Thunderbolt, Adolphus Busch Sr., Cayman Salvager, Joe’s Tug and Vandenberg, the Shipwreck Trail’s southernmost addition.

After one wreck dive in each district of the Keys is accomplished, divers receive a personalized collage of Keys wrecks suitable for framing.

After five dives - one in each district of the Keys - divers receive a print collage, suitable for framing.

Upon completing all nine wreck dives, qualifying divers are entered into a drawing for one of several grand prizes including dive equipment and dive-and-stay lodging packages.
It is recommended that divers be current with their diving. Each wreck varies in skill level, and divers are encouraged to contact participating dive operators for information about the wrecks.

Local dive shops may ask divers to present a logbook or dive computer to be reviewed for air management skills and depth profiles from previous dives.

Refresher courses are offered, and the Shipwreck Trail offers a unique opportunity for advanced and wreck diving certification classes.

Divers explore the Thunderbolt, off Marathon. Photo courtesy of Hall's Dive Center

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