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Know Before You Go: Marathon’s Best Diving

May 26, 2011 | Travel Tips | Read More
  Florida Keys‘ clear, warm waters attract almost 800,000 scuba and snorkel aficionados annually, and there is no better destination to learn how to get “up close and personal” with the undersea environment. The Keys’ combination of vivid coral reefs teeming with exotic sea creatures...

Pets Love Key Largo

Pets Love Key Largo October 14, 2010 | Hotels, Travel Tips, What's New | Read More
Four-legged family members can join overnight travelers to Key Largo when they stay at Amy Slate’s Amoray Dive Resort, located at MM 104 bayside. “If you’re a pet owner, you know how difficult it can be to travel. No one wants to leave a beloved companion behind,” said Slate, a dog lover herself. Amy...

That’s Amore! Dive into LOVE-ly Key Largo resort

That’s Amore!  Dive into LOVE-ly Key Largo resort March 19, 2010 | Hotels, Things to Do | Read More
Most people think I’m nuts for not diving as much as I used to, because my back yard is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Though I do dive on occasion, it’s hard to hold a candle to Amy Slate’s passion for scuba diving. Recently she shared with me what it is about...