Dance to the Beat

What's New — By Lia Del Priore on October 22, 2010 at 7:36 pm

Any long day in the sun should be topped by a long night of dancing.  At the Beat Club, you’re sure to dance the night away.  One of the perks of staying in a place like Fort Meyers is that the nightlife is both lively and fun.  Most bars and clubs are also very friendly to tourists, making this one of the ideal spots to hit the town.  At the Beat Club, you’ll find more than an excuse to party the night away.  Every night of the week, the music spins mainly hip-hop and techno, which ensures that the club is always hopping.  The place is nice and rowdy, so be sure and be prepared!  Every hour on the hour a little show breaks out; waiters and waitresses alike stand up on the bar and do a little “Coyote Ugly” rendition all of their own.  Tip: they love to pour free shots into their customer’s mouths by way of water gun, so stand near ‘em when the hour strikes!  For those who are feeling a bit more risqué, there’s a nice little platform to dance upton.  On Wednesday nights it’s Ladies Night, and the ladies in the house drink for cheap.  On Thursday nights they have a special called Coin Night, whereupon any coin you may happen to have buys you a drink (not a bad deal!).  This is definitely one of the more happening spots in town, and during college breaks it can get a little wild and overcrowded.  Be prepared for a seriously lively scene.  When the bar is not swarming with students, however, it can be a great place to dance the night away.  So grab your dancing shoes, slip into something sassy, and head on over to the Beat Club!