Have a Good Laugh in Switzerland…and in English!

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You don’t have to leave your sense of humor at home because you don’t speak French, German or Italian when you travel to Switzerland. Thanks to British Guy Stevens who established an Anglo-Saxon stand up comedy culture in 2006 in Switzerland, even the Swiss are laughing!

Stevens has an extensive background in organizing musical and entertainment events around Europe. After moving to Zurich, Switzerland in 2003 he was involved in some creative entrepreneurial projects including pet haute couture boutiques selling what he calls “unnecessary luxury items for cats or dogs.”

In 2006, Stevens decided to hang out his Funny Laundry and started comedy stand up shows in Zurich but was soon in demand in Geneva, Lausanne, Basel and Bern. Now these shows are part of the Anglophone and English speaking social calendars and have been attracting what Stevens calls “an enthusiastic, urbane, and culturally hip section of Swiss society.”

Next week will be two well -known stand up comedians coming from worlds apart but universally joined in humor and spontaneity. From Australia is Matthew Hardy, longstanding hero down under and from the UK is hot new young Londoner Marlon Davis. Just listening to what the American expats and tourists consider charming accents will already be great!

Londoner Marlon Davis: image courtesy of Funny Laundry

Hardy and Davis will be performing on the following days, cities and venues:

Tuesday, March 8, Geneva, Uptown Geneva

Wednesday March 9, Lausanne, The Loft

Thursday March 10, Basel, Kuppel

Friday, March 11, Zurich, Mascotte

Tickets are available at the door or with advance sales online at Starticket.

Australian Matthew Hardy: image courtesy of Funny Laundry

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Image upper right hand corner of Guy Stevens: image courtesy of Funny Laundry.

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