Best Cultural Thing to Do in Glasgow for $5

Things to Do — By maryaldoseri on October 5, 2010 at 11:33 pm

The task in hand this week was to find a great and  culturally significant day out in  Glasgow, for only $ 5 dollars. I think you will be pleased with my findings…

How Cheap Is Cheap?

From a gastro perspective $5 wont go very far for a day out in Glasgow. Even in fast food joints such as Mcdonalds and Subway… a Happy Meal or sub of the day perhaps? Always up for a challenge I decided to dig a little deeper., and…nope their aint much to be had. $5 dollars would only stretch to a very limited choice in a local cafe or from one of the many vans around the city offering filled rolls with hot and cold drinks. However if you can up the budget to say $7 then the lunch time meal deals in some up scale places are yours, particularly in and around the trendy Byres road in the west end. As for dinner….forget it! However you will delighted to know that Glasgow is saturated with internationally acclaimed museums that also run workshops and activities throughout the year for adults and kids and they are FREE.

Cheap meal in Glasgow

The Best $5 You’ll Ever Spend

Just of Byres road you can head to the Mackintosh House for a great day out in Glasgow. The Mackintosh house is a reconstruction ( residing at Glasgow University Hunterian Art Gallery) of the main interiors from the Glasgow home of the famous Scottish architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Charles Rennie Mackintosh is synonymous with Glasgow.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

He was a Scottish architect, designer, watercolourist and sculptor. He designed many famous landmarks in Glasgow. His style continues in the city and is the inspiration for many, on an international level. Some of his most famous pieces in Glasgow include, the Glasgow School of Art, House of an Art Lover, Queen’s Cross Church, Mackintosh House, Hill house and the Willow Tearooms. The university also hopes to complete a a database in 2014 which will be a catalogue resume of Mackintosh’s buildings. This will be available to a hungry world-wide audience.

On a modern note, The University of Glasgow, has granted Cassina (the premier Italian furniture maker and the only manufacturer of authentic Le Corbusier furniture) exclusive use of this heritage through a world license for the production of Mackintosh furniture. The Masters Collection, “Cassina I Maestri”, features Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The Mackintosh House reconstruction is furnished with the Mackintoshes’ own furniture – all to Mackintosh’s design – and decorated as closely as possible to the original.

This day out in Glasgow really does have broad appeal Most of us have homes and like to look at other people homes too. Flick on tv and there are heaps of programmes, showcasing home makeovers, celebrity homes etc…we love it! Add a dash of history and you have a winning recipe and this comes in nicely at $ 5. Get some great inspiration for your next home makeover to take home with you!

The Low-Down

The west end is full of great architecture and great eating places. The university is just off Byres road in the west end and is a beautiful area filled with greenery, stunning architecture, students and tourists. As you depart Byres road and reach the university you are almost immediately submersed in anticipation at what lies inside these impressive buildings that are steeped in history and complimented by the sheer numbers of vibrant people circulating them.

atmosphere in Glasgow

Upon entering the Mackintosh house you can browse the the lower and upper room which are minimalist and use light to tremendous effect especially on a gorgeous sunny day. There are various wall plaques and brochures providing lots of rich information on this famous Glasgow punter. The rooms have a great calming, almost serene yet opulent effect and offer a wonderful way to gain insight on a more personal level with aspects of the works of such an international legend.

Mackintosh House Lounge

Mackintosh House Lounge 2

mackintosh-house lounge -3


The Hunterian also is home to various art and historical treats and you w ill be pleased to know, is absolutely free. You could easily spend a whole afternoon in this area enjoying the ambience and the physical and aesthetic treasures the area holds. Afterwords you are a stones throw from the hustle and bustle and great eating places of Byres road. Transport to the area is great and regular. A great day out in Glasgow for the art lover, the people watcher or anyone who likes to enjoy other peoples homes!

No change left over on this budget but you will be more than satisfied on a sensory level by this house and where it resides…the area truly has a wonderful character and you will enjoy the stark contrast to the beat and architecture of the area and how it is almost tucked away from the busy west end. I suggest heading down to Byres road for a coffee and chat on the treasures found with a spot of people watching…Byres road is always busy and lots to see in the form of human art!

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