Glasgow Mental Health

Events — By maryaldoseri on October 9, 2010 at 5:15 am

The Scottish mental health arts and film festival kicked off on 1st of October and runs to 24th October and has a rich representation in Glasgow.  The Festival now in it’s 4 year gets people digging into the issues surrounding mental health. The festival celebrates the artistic achievements of people whose lives have been touched by mental health issues. You can go along to one of the many events and experience the relationship between creativity and the mind, and witness how the festival endevours to promote positive mental health and wellbeing. The festival  tackles broad subjects and events include film, music, theatre, literature, comedy and visual art…something for all tastes. To boot many of the tickets are free or low cost so that no-one is excluded.

Glasgow Mental Health Festival

On browsing their website I found only one  event for kids. I have contacted the organizers with  a suggestion for next years line up….more for kids. Kids learn how their body works biologically at school ( remember section 6), as for  social functioning all that springs to mind for me  is home economics and “Eves Pudding”. But no one really tackles how the mind and emotions  work.  Kids can either be effected personally by mental health issues or  that of a loved one and to boot those  that are not,  should be exposed to an area of life that will touch them in some form or another through their life journey. The phrase “teach em young” springs to mind.

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