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Yes it is that time of the year when the cities of the UK are vying for the illustrious title of ” Curry Capital” of the UK. Being a big Glasgow curry fan I just had to give this some cyber plugging! Anytime I have travelled outside of Glasgow for some time, the curry is something I look forward to, on my return home.

Maybe I’m a snob ( don’t  care), but I think Glasgow curry is the BEST!  I am not alone either,   Glasgow curry is our adoptive national dish, with over 50% of Glasgow’s population eating a curry at least once a week (  So if you think the pakora, curry, breads  and service are more pukka in Glasgow.. then get your  Vote  in NOW,  for Glasgow,  to be Curry Capital of Britain 2010!

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The Curry Capital of Britain was first created late in 1999 by Peter & Colleen Grove who chair The Federation of Specialist Restaurants. The scheme sprang  from the bad publicity following racial unrest in parts of London, unrest that has been mirrored in other cities since. The driving force of the scheme is to provide a showcase for selected cities in United Kingdom with large ethnic communities  to demonstrate what the cities do for their ethnic communities and, in return, what the multiracial community brings to that city through the medium of food and drink.

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Glasgow has won the title quite a few times, 2002, 2003 and 2006… lets make Glasgow curry a winner for the fourth time! 4 of Glasgow’s best Indian restaurants (as voted by Glaswegians), will showcase what Glasgow has to offer. These are:

  1. Balbir’s (7 Church Street)
  2. KoolBa (109 Candleriggs)
  3. Mister Singh’s (Elderslie Street)
  4. Mother India Café (1355 Argyle Street)

So come on do your bit and vote now for Glasgow curry. Voting closes on Monday 1 November 2010

Don’t forget to check out our top 10 Glasgow restaurants…this city knows how to eat!

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