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Friday Photo: Once a library, once a museum, now just plain pretty!

What's New — By crebuffet on November 19, 2010 at 7:37 pm
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This Friday photo is actually three photos, in honor of the Alpine Regionalism Book Fair that starts today. The giant bookworm meeting takes place, fittingly, in the old museum-library, which today is a small urban-planning museum.

Before actually getting to the reading room to spend my entire weekend perusing books about pretty much everything ever written about the Alps, I’ll go through this palace-like vestibule.

The entrance to the old library-museum

Then I’ll look up and notice that the artist wanted to give passers-by a quick history lesson:

Cularo, what they called in Grenoble in Gallic times


Gratianopolis, as they called Grenoble in Roman times

Plus, this year, the book fair’s theme is La Cuisine des Alpes. Still need a reason to go? I didn’t think so!

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