Sunset Waikiki Style

What's New — By lottietagupa on June 22, 2010 at 7:51 pm

As the afternoon shadows grow longer the sunbathers begin to disappear and the surfers bring in their boards and the canoes and catamarans get ready to call it a day. The restaurants fire up their grills for the evening the air begins to fill with the scent of steaks and fresh fish grilling on island kiawe wood. Torchlight replaces sunshine and live entertainment replaces sunscreen. Here are a few fun things to do at sunset in Waikiki.

Watch for the Green Flash
The best views are when the sun drops directly into the ocean off Waikiki. The quick and sometime very sudden flash is brief. It appears at the very last moment the sun drops into the ocean. Doesn’t work if the sun sets anywhere but right into the horizon, so be sure you’re in the right spot. If you miss it the first night try again the next.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Torchlighting Ceremony
Every evening at 6pm the grounds of the Hilton Hawaiian Village become alive. The evening is heralded in by torchlighters that race through the grounds to light each and every torch for the evening. Worth seeing at least once.
Kuhio Beach Hula Show
This show is a free gathering of island talent for an hour of island culture and entertainment for anyone at the Kuhio Hula Mound along Kuhio Beach. The show begins at sunset and getting there early to find the perfect spot is a necessity. Held on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 6pm November through January and 630pm the rest of the year.

Friday Night Hula Show and Fireworks at the Hawaiian Village
This is one of the more popular events in Waikiki. The show begins each Friday at 745pm with live music, hula, drums, fire knife dancers, keiki dancers and more. The show is followed by a lovely although brief fireworks show at about 745pm.. Seating poolside is $15 per person, but if you prefer to stand, there is no charge to view the show from just outside the seating area.