Big Island beach is green with beauty

Things to Do — By jeckardt on March 26, 2012 at 2:22 am

At the southern most point in the Hawaiian Islands on the Big Island, lies a secluded crescent shaped green sand beach. Located in South Point and blanketed in the green mineral olivine, a byproduct of the continuous volcanic activity, the beach is a mix of grayish sand a vibrant green – hence the name, Green Sand Beach or Ka Lae (pronounced Ka-Lie)

Green Sand Beach at South Point

A collection of sharp contrasts of fine sand and rocky cliffs and a spectrum of blues and earth tones, the beach is a mini adventure that’s not easily accessible, like most things worth finding. Located two miles from the end of the road at the steep towering South Point cliffs, you’ll pass open and often dry pasture lands dotted with grazing cows, rusty wind turbines of only which some are still functional, and experience a sense of peace and seclusion like no other.

Looking east

Turn onto winding South Point Road off of Highway 11 between mile markers 69 and 70, and take a slow cruise down to the cliffs (driving slow is an unwritten rule on the Big Island). At the cliffs, look down nearly a hundred feet at the ocean, and you may even see some daring people leaping off into the deep blue. From there either walk or take a four wheel drive vehicle down the road on the left. It’s a long walk, so if you attack it on foot make sure you have plenty of water, food and sunblock. It’s not a treacherous road, but a 4X4 vehicle is necessary.

Once out there, feel the fresh air, enjoy the wind, and take a dip in the ocean – given that the water is calm. There won’t be help for miles around except for possibly a few other visitors joining you.

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