Hong Kong attractions represented in different colours

Things to Do, What's New — By Shirley Yau on May 12, 2010 at 8:03 am

Kowloon City presents an interesting juxtaposition between the new luxury apartments in stark contrast to the DIY originality of rooftop shack communities. By wandering the community’s second-hand shops for inspiration, one discovers an alternative to Hong Kong’s shopaholic lifestyle, one that champions creative resourcefulness over materialistic greed.

Old buildings, old shops, old neighbourhoods…interspersed amongst the old are contemporary shopping malls mimicking the affluent areas of Hong Kong. The collision fo the old and the new create an unexplored potential for a new lifestyle, altered in appearance and pace. Kwun Tong is grey, though perhaps more accurately its white accented by a range of yellow hues.

The icon of Wong Tai Sin is its infamous temple with its New Year divination and luck changing rituals – a kaleidoscope of gods, incense smoke, oracle inscription and lucky charms. The ”dragon” encourages a wander down Lung Cheung Road (Flying Dragon Road), where you discover pockets of humanity percolating under the Lion Rock. Wong Tai Sin cannot escape the colour yellow, but it is complimented by purple and the occasional surprises of white and orange.

The old Tsuen Wan district, invites you to embark on a journey that traces the history of the area, resurrecting its collective memory. You may discover that the channel was once known as ”Three Hundred Dollars”- the toll travelers paid the pirates that policed the channel. Excavating the history of Tsuen Wan, you will discover incessant inspiration for art creation.

These are the NileGuide local experts pick on the most interesting venues in Hong Kong that nurture a sense of pride and belonging to the community among participants.  These Hong Kong attractions will take you on a colourful, insightful and inspiring journey of Hong Kong.

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