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Food — By Shirley Yau on June 18, 2010 at 4:23 am

I am a little late in bringing Tsim Chai Kee to your attention, but better late than never!  Hong Kong has so many hole-in-the-wall noodle eateries that it would not do it justice to say that Tsim Chai Kee has been a long-time neighbourhood favourite for its authentic and flavourful noodles. A Michellin star eatery, Tsim Chai Kee is an extremely small space and empty tables are a rare sight with the small folding tables inside. All the noodle dishes are HKD 16 (or 2 USD), and you can choose from ingredients such a fish balls, squid balls, fried fish skin dumplings and dumplings as well as fish balls and wontons. You can select the typical egg noodles or the rice noodles and you can elect to have it served in soup, or stirred with oyster sauce.

Cheap Hong Kong food

Just made Tsim Chai Kee Wonton Noodles in Hong Kong

The noodles (both egg and rice) are al dente, flavourful and are an interesting mix. While the fish balls are chewy, the squid balls are softer as they are supposed to be just the tip of the iceberg of all the places that serve cheap food in Hong Kong. $5 lunch in Hong Kong is an everday sight and is taken for granted by most Hong Kongers. Great food, nice people, dirt cheap filling wet noodles, you can’t ask for more in Hong Kong for the great culinary gems, which will make the trek out to Central to well worth its while.

Though Hung Hom might not be the most convenient of places to hit up for a meal, its many nooks and crannies are littered with all sorts of interesting eats. Check out Hong Kong’s first local burger joint at Si Sun Fastfood which is comfort food at its best. The space started off in the 1960s as a snacks store and was then revamped into one of Hong Kong’s first American style fastfood joints. 40 years later today, Si Sun has transformed into a space for nostalgic charm.

Si Sun Double cheeseurger

Juicy Sweet Si Sun hamburger with double patties

The kitsch plastic chairs and stools remain unchanged from the 1970s and the restaurant is frequented by old regulars as well as younger kids who’ve rediscovered this “indie” burger joint. The burger patties are handmade and are grilled fresh to order, you watch outside as your burger is flipped. And for an extra bit of Hong Kong flavour, the patties are served sandwiched between two sesame sprinkled Garden buns. The signature double cheeseburger is HKD14 (less than 1USD) but the additional fried egg is definitely recommended. The burgers are messy, juicy and delectably sweet and meaty with a hint of onion. The pork burger was just recently unveiled as a new addition to the menu and it goes for HKD 10.

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