Hong Kong On A Shoestring

Travel Tips, What's New — By Phillippa Stewart on July 30, 2010 at 2:25 am

We all know how depressingly expensive Hong Kong can be sometimes. If you’re looking to get under the skin of the city but are on a budget we may have the solution. In the last few months a series of websites have sprung up giving you access to some of Hong Kong’s best restaurants, activities, spas and bars at a fraction of the usual retail price. They work on the principal of “group buying” – if enough people sign up for the deal then it will go ahead. If there are not enough takers then you don’t get charged a penny. Genius.

By annia316 (Flickr)

Check out valuup.com, twangoo.com, and ubuyibuy.com. Deals on these sites in the past have included: 80% off facial treatments, 50% off art classes, 85% off teeth whitening treatments, 50% off dinner at Dragon-i, 50% off French cooking classes, 3 hours on a 64ft yacht for half price, 50% off pole dancing classes, 80% off power plate sessions, and 50% off bag painting sessions.

With such an eclectic range of activities on offer you will be able to explore Hong Kong at a fraction of the price – now that’s value for money.