Cheap attractions in Hong Kong for $5

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How Cheap Is Cheap?
The prices in Hong Kong are comparatively cheap and it would be an understatement to say if don’t dirt cheap. Shoes found in street shops range from USD 3 to USD 100 and a basic set meal with soup, mains and coffee or tea is about HKD 30. Given that prices are so cheap Hong Kong locals do dine out quite often and so lots of restaurants are packed even on Monday nights. $5 will always buy you any lunch on the street and you’ll might even be lucky to get change from that. $5 is the standard pocket money that a school kid gets to spend for a day so with the economy on a full rebound, $5 used to be able to buy more but the inflationary situation is getting worse so a lot more people realise that meat actually costs less that veggies in this city.

The Best $5 You’ll Ever Spend

Hong Kong history museum

Situated in Tsim Sha Tsui East, the Hong Kong history museum is a hidden gem in the city that is unexplored and remains, sadly, a backup plan for many tourists who don't have enough time to explore the city.

Where the value in going to the Hong Kong Museum of History? The point is that it shows 6000 years of Hong Kong history divided into three main parts: the natural geographic historical background highlighted through the unearthed engravings and past civilization artifacts to illustrate how the development of Hong Kong from a small fishing village to the now cosmopolitan city that it is now.

“Hong Kong story” exhibition is permanent and its 7000 square meters in size. with 4000 pieces of items on show, the best being the Chinese opera house real life model, a real size traditional Chinese fishing boat, fishing nets, traditional Chinese farming tools and daily utensils. With lightening and Dolby Digital surround sound, the images imprinted in the tourists mind are lasting and vivid.

The Low-Down
Go there during Wednesdays firstly because admission is free but if your schedule does not permit then go to the History Museum during public holidays and weekends because it will be well worth your 2 hours to escape the crowd on the streets. Some the best sights and scenes are found in the wet market exhibitions where the guy yells chickens for sale.

Now You Do It

Hong Kong fishing boat

Real life Junk vessel that you can get on board and take photos with, fishing nets and fishing utensils as well as a real life maniquin doll fishes around.

Tips for enjoying the experience to its fullest: how to really get your five dollars’ worth. We want you to try and squeeze this $5 as much by staying there as long as possible, all the cultural subtleties and nuances become clear after visiting so don’t let the title history museum scare you away because there is very little history involved, instead its more to let you acquaint yourself in to the Chinese ways of doing things. All those questions you wanted to ask about the culture shocks and the way people do things are answered at the Hong Kong history museum.

What to Do With Leftover Change
There will be $2 leftover change and in that case, you can either buy a drink at the nearby cafes or shop down Granville Road for outlet clothes and shoes in Tsim Sha Tsui.

If You’d Like to Splurge
The Hong Kong Science museum is right next door so pay your $2 admission to get in.

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