What to wear in Hong Kong

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Packing for Hong Kong during the winter months shouldn’t at all be too much trouble because Hong Kong locals are extremely into fashion’s fickle whims and most people find that what they wear is suitable for fitting into the Hong Kong scenes. The climate is mild during Autumn and Winter and temperatures will never ever drop to dear freezing but relatively Hong Kong locals will already be swathed in down feather jackets and mittens. There are no religious factors that influence the fashion of the city because the majority of Hong Kong locals are conservative and some of the most indifferent people when it comes to politics, religion, cultural festivals and but yet mass produced disposable clothing so common because of its easy influence from Japanese or mega fashion runway labels. You’ll find that designer handbags are so common in this city because of the need to conform and the status symbol that luxury brand bring. One last thing is that everybody carries a coat of some sort to combat the infamous air conditioning in malls, public transport and cinemas even during winter.

What all the girls are wearing in Hong Kong right now:

What the girls wear in Hong Kong

A stereotype of what the teenage girls wear in Hong Kong

What all the chicks are wearing in winter:

* Padded jackets
* Leggings
* Layered hair
* Scarves and woolly
* Nike, Adidas or Ballet Flats
* Popular accessories: The most popular would have to go to the I-phone followed by Faux leather handbags, shoulder bags, plastic rimmed glasses, shades of black white or grey because these tones are the most wearable and most classic.

Hong Kong girls in Summer

A stereotype of what teenage Hong Kong girls don for the crazy hot and humid summer months of June to September

During the drenching hot summer months it is advised that tanks tops be the limit and women with large busts wearing tube tops or cleavage revealing spaghetti straps are bound to invite stares from local middle age men and women alike when taking crowded public transport or walking down the street.  Hong Kong women dress conservatively compared to westerners so tops that reveal too much flesh, I would advise to keep at home instead. Hong Kong women tend to wear a tank top underneath another top if it it seemingly reveals too much cleavage.

What all the guys are wearing in Hong Kong?
A list of stereotypical male articles of clothing would definitely include:

What Hong Kong guys wear

A stereotypical outfit of what a guy would normally wear during Hong Kong winter.

Hipster aviators with leather nose guards are all the humdrum big fashion brand names with not much variety in design. Guys in Hong Kong tend to go for jeans, dark coloured trousers with trainers. For the terribly hip and tokyo like there a mix and match collection of different coloured tops found in the shops of Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and Sogo. There is an increasing influence of European and American fashion commercial brands that are slowing in on what Hong Kong guys wear as coats but typically a hoodie or a plain coloured jacket will do fine.  Don’t forget that a backpack or side shoulder leather bag is essential for bringing personal items around. Make sure that you pack:

  • An umbrella for the sudden showers during the most unwarranted and unexpected times.
  • Lots of cotton socks
  • Unlocked cell phone because you can buy any pre-paid sim card in Hong Kong to make locals calls from your mobile phone that cost next to nothing.
  • Refrain from bringing too many heavy books if you were thinking of reading on public transport because during heavy rush hours there is simply no space on buses or the MTR that would be condusive to quiet reading.
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