He`e Nalu: Surfing

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While on Oahu, the surfing mecca of the world, make sure to take a surf lesson. There are two main locations where surf lessons take place. At Waikiki Beach, novice surfers can enjoy trying to catch waves at Queen’s, a popular surf break that is often calm and is a less dangerous spot than many other Oahu breaks. Here there are surf instructors and a seemingly endless array of longboards to learn on at the little surf shacks on the beach.

If you’d like to try surfing on the North Shore, Puena Point and Chun’s Reef, and Ali’i Beach Park are the common breaks for surf lessons. There’s generally two options when it comes to learning to surf in Hawaii. Rent a board from a surf shop and paddle out alone, or take a lesson with an instructor. For those that have never surfed, or have surfed just a few times, it’s a good idea to go out with an instructor. Chun’s is a great spot. To the left of the main break there is Baby Chun’s which is where many surf schools take people out. It’s generally calm here and if it’s not, they will take you out at another break.

Here’s a few tips for learning to surf:
-Keep yourself centered on the board. You don’t want the nose (tip) of your board to be underwater.
-Keep your legs together while paddling. Spreading your legs to the side of the board will make you wobble all over the place.
-When you try to stand up keep your feet far enough apart to feel solid. You don’t want your feet together.
-Don’t drop in on other people (going for a wave when someone’s already riding it). This can get you in trouble.
-Have fun!

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