Local Food at Haleiwa Farmers’ Market

Food, Things to Do — By jeckardt on August 27, 2011 at 11:54 am

You’re on the North Shore, it’s Sunday, and you’re hungry. Local, tasty, and fresh food galore can be found at the Haleiwa Farmers’ Market. Located at the eastern end of town, the market happens every Sunday from 7 a.m. till about 1 or 2 p.m. Each Sunday, around 3,000, sometimes more, people come to browse and shop around the market. Around 50 vendors line the strip, of which I’d say maybe 10 or so offer food and drinks each Sunday. There’s also an abundance of local vegetables, and fruit which is perfect to take on the road or enjoy at the beach.

Organic cherry tomatoes

A real highlight here is the pesto pizza and fried green tomatoes made my Big Wave Tomatoes. They’re usually located about half way down the strip of vendors. The pizza is a must, with pesto, a couple slices of tomatoes, mozzarella, and a leaf of fresh basil. It’s cooked right there, along with the wonderful fried green tomatoes and fried zucchini. Also a tasty option at the market is the crepe vendors. Usually located right across from the pizza, they offer a variety of crepes from sweet to savory.

Kettle Corn

Freshly popping along the walkway is Kettle Corn. Made with non-GMO corn, the sweet popped corn comes in a huge bag. It makes for a wonderfully tasty snack while strolling around or save it for later. A personal favorite is the Bale bread booth. Freshly made in Hawaii, Bale sells a huge variety of bread that is just so good. The chocolate cherry loaf is a winner fresh out of the bag, and especially good back at home, toasted with butter. They also make a wonderful cranberry walnut bread that’s good either way. You’ll notice other food vendors, some always there and some vary. If you come across frozen Ono Pops, popsicles made with a variety of local flavors, you absolutely must give one a try.

Tomato Basil Ono Pops

Don’t forget to pick up some fresh fruits. Mangos in season are one of the best local treats you can find. They can get pretty messy so it’s best to enjoy not in the car. Red, round, and bumpy the lychee is a sweet juicy fruit that must be enjoyed if you come across it. Avocados can usually be found in abundance here and you can take some to enjoy with chips later on at the beach.

Overall, look around at the food options, fill your belly, and enjoy. You’ll find some of the best food on the north shore at the Haleiwa Farmers’ Market.

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