Surfer, the Bar brings drinks, music, pupus, and fun nightlife to the North Shore

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Surfer, the Bar, named after Surfer Magazine is the newest addition to North Shore nightlife. But it’s not just limited to those on the North Shore, considering that they’ll have regular “Talk Story” sessions weekly with famous people from all walks of the surf industry, and music (so far The Green, Matt Costa, Jack Johnson), a trip out to Surfer is worth it for all surf and music fans no matter where you’re staying on Oahu.

It’s located in the Turtle Bay Resort Lobby (no need to drink and drive with rooms nearby) and has an awesome view of the ocean and beach before it gets dark. The bar is only open for late evening/night shifts.

Although it’s located in the resort, it invited everyone to come in. Kids are allowed in until 10 p.m. when food stops being served, and adults can party on till the wee hours. Food consists of pupus (appetizers) but they’re really good. The most complete meals would be pizzas, burgers, and a pulled pork sandwich. It’s all really good.

The elements Surfer is made of

Wear whatever you want, as long as you have a shirt (no bathing suits) and shoes on (flip flops are fine). You’ll usually find an eclectic mix of local surfers, visitors, and the occasional established surfer or musician.

They’re strongest drink is their famous mai tai, and they have a great selection of bottled beer (nothing on tap yet). If it’s crowded you can stand up, or grab a table for two or for near the bar or in front of the stage. The decor is classy and sleek, yet down to earth (or ocean) and relaxed.

The slogan is that it’s a place for legends and fans to interact and hang out, and so far with true legends like Clyde Aikau, who spoke at last night’s Talk Story, and good music coming, the slogan is proving to be true.

Come to Surfer, and enjoy the ride.

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