Five Places to Propose in Idaho

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If you’re thinking of asking her to marry you, and you want to make the setting just right, here are some ideas that might be the ticket to your future happiness.

  1. Platt Gardens, in front of the Boise Depot

    Platt Gardens and the Boise Train Depot are landmarks in the city

    has a gorgeous vista and a beautiful fountain. It’s the setting for many a wedding, so why not as your spot to kick off the whole thing? There are dozens of other parks to consider as well. Try Kathryn Albertson Park, a cozy, semi-secluded park with lots of nooks and corners that would be great settings for a proposal.

  2. Shoshone Falls—one of the most beautiful spots in Idaho, particularly in spring when the melting snow makes the falls explode. If you want to be below the falls rather than at eye level, take a tour boat ride right up to the falls.
  3. Inside the Idaho Capitol building under the stunning rotunda. The light pours in from above, you’re surrounded by opulent marble and grand staircases. It is a stunning building. And unless the legislature is in session (Jan-March), you’ll likely have the place pretty much to yourselves.
  4. On a canoe on Redfish Lake. Redfish is a quintessential Idaho lake high in the mountains, peaks rising on all sides.

    Redfish Lake in winter

  5. The top of any mountain, such as Schaffer Butte, Mt. Borah, or even Table Rock. Show your future mate that you have an eye for the big picture, or the big view. Of course, that means she might have to hike up there with you, so make sure this is something she will like doing. A good test to see if you know each other well enough.
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