Best Dessert Spots

What's New — By njensen on December 11, 2011 at 7:01 am

I admit it, when I go out to eat, dessert is definitely included. I have always subscribed to the belief that if an occasion is special enough for dining out, then it is special enough for dessert. I tend to like desserts featuring pastries, chocolate, cream, and fruit. Okay, so that probably includes almost anything. I like dessert. Here are a few of my favorite dessert spots in Boise.

Le Café de Paris is a standard in Boise. The original owner was a native Frenchman whose father owned a bakery. When he came to Boise, he wanted to recreate that special feel of a French café. And I think he did a terrific job. While the place has changed some over the years, the desserts have remained up to the original standards. You can get chocolate almond croissants, decadent chocolate mousse, fantastic concoctions of fruit filling, cake, and cream known as Melissa. Or if your dessert tastes tend toward the cheese plate, you are definitely in for a treat. This is my go-to place for a dessert outing after a night at the theater or orchestra.

Royal Chocolat from Le Cafe de Paris

Big City Coffee puts the “big” in dessert. While I love this place for coffee, eggs, sandwiches, and atmosphere, their desserts are also incredible. The scones are to die for. They’re huge, buttery, and filled with yummy fruit or savory cheese. You can also get a menagerie of bars: lemon bars, oatmeal bars, chocolate peanut buttery things, you name it. And my all time favorite is a huge peanut butter cookie with a chocolate disc in the center.

When we go to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival in the summer, we always make sure we have room for dessert from Café Shakespeare by Lisa Peterson. Giant (and I am not exaggerating here) ice cream sandwiches are too big for just one person. My personal favorite is this delicious cream and fruit trifle. Perfect summer dessert. Fruit tarts are my son’s favorite. During the off-season, Lisa Peterson’s delights can be found at the Boise Co-op, and soon in a new restaurant she is opening.

Speaking of the Co-op, if you’re just in the mood for dessert without taking the time to sit down, order, and eat in a restaurant environment, the Co-op is a terrific option. Next to the deli counter is what I like to call the dessert extravaganza, where you can get these wonderful things they call baseball bars—a chocolate, peanut, peanut butter bar that is so good. You can also find tiramisu, black out cake, all manner of pies, cookies, and even gelato.

The desserts Red Feather, one of my very favorite restaurants in Boise, range from earthy to elegant. Everything here is local, often organic, and original. The desserts vary from visit to visit. I’ve had an amazing berry cobbler, perfect melt-in-your-mouth beignets (think French doughnuts), and some things I didn’t think would taste good, but totally did. You cannot go wrong with dessert at Red Feather.

My final pick is a family favorite. Goody’s Ice Cream parlor makes their own ice cream and chocolates. You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store, because that’s where you are. Coffee bean is my favorite ice cream, although even the vanilla is so much better than any other vanilla, it’s worth experiencing. On hot summer nights, the place is swarming with people, kids, dogs, and sometimes live musicians. When school report cards come out, the owners will give students will all A’s and B’s a free treat. And their homemade cones are fresh and sugary. What’s not to love?


Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to hit the gym. I have probably gained five pounds just thinking about all the culinary pleasures surrounding me.