Weekend Getaways: Idaho’s Hot Springs

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Idaho has a unique geological setting which results in underground springs that bubble up to the surface. It makes sense: we’re right next to Yellowstone, with all of its geysers and bubbling sulfur pots. Hot springs are everywhere in Idaho, many of them undeveloped, just water trickling down the side of a riverbank or a cliff.

Some springs have been developed to create luxurious pools of delightfully warm water. It’s like a hot tub, only out in the open.

Winter outings are ever more enjoyable when you finish off the day with a soak in one of the many hot springs in Idaho. The warm water will sooth tired muscles, help heal injuries, and send you off to bed with a relaxed aura.

Givens Hot Springs is a beautiful, developed area in southwestern Idaho. Family owned for more than 100 years, the hot springs have been diverted into an indoor pool, with soaking tubs or pools to enjoy. You can spend the night camping or in a rustic cabin, hike, fish, and play all you want.

Thousand Springs, where water pours from the fiver bluffs

Thousand Springs Resort is situated along the Snake River. With lots of pools and soaking tubs, there is also camping, hiking, fishing, boating and sheer natural beauty to enjoy.

Lava Hot Springs is part water park, part spa, and a whole lotta pools. There’s an indoor Olympic pool, massage services, and outdoor soaking pools.

The New outdoor pool at Lava Hot Springs


Gold Fork Hot Springs has the perfect mix of remote and developed. Near Donnelly, Idaho, Gold Fork has developed pools, all outdoors, and a small hut for changing. Other than that, it is out in the middle of the mountains with no other amenities. But it is a favorite with hot springs enthusiasts.

Gold Fork Hot Springs






Boiling Springs isn’t really boiling, but like most hot springs in Idaho, the water temperature is between 102 and 112 degrees. This rustic hot springs is located 19 miles from Crouch, Idaho, on the Middle Fork of the Payette River. It is remote and not highly developed. You’ll have to fend for yourself.

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