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What’s Your Travel Persona?

What’s Your Travel Persona? April 1, 2012 | Hotels, Travel Tips, What's New | Read More
If you like to go on ocean cruises in your travels, I will grant that Idaho may not be your top choice. We’re landlocked. However, I think in general, whatever kind of traveler you are, Idaho can fit the bill. Luxury resorts are your style? You should make a bee line to Sun Valley, Idaho, where...

My Favorite Waterways in Idaho

My Favorite Waterways in Idaho March 30, 2012 | Things to Do, What's New | Read More
Lake Pend Oreille in north Idaho  

Live Theater Around Idaho

Live Theater Around Idaho March 26, 2012 | Events, Nightlife, What's New | Read More
Idaho is not one of those places where you travel specifically to see a live theatrical event, as you would travel to New York just to go to Broadway. But as long as you’re here, why not experience the guts of theater? The small, community-based theaters that dot the country.  You’ll be...

Idaho’s Iconic Places

Idaho’s Iconic Places March 19, 2012 | What's New | Read More
I have a friend who works with international tourism in the Idaho Department of Tourism, and I asked her where she likes to take international visitors to show them a taste of the real Idaho. Here are her picks: Upper Mesa Falls Mesa Falls and Idaho’s Teton Valley. Mesa Falls refers to two waterfalls...

First Thursday in Boise

February 29, 2012 | Events, Things to Do, What's New | Read More
Every month, Boiseans flock downtown for First Thursday, a combination extended happy hour, sidewalk sale, and gallery stroll. The event is sponsored by the Downtown Boise Association, and it’s a great way to explore the city. As you might guess, it takes place the first Thursday of every month...

New Restaurants in Boise

February 28, 2012 | Food, What's New | Read More
Several new restaurants have opened in the past few months in Boise. Each one has its own twist, its own vibe. The newest place on the eating scene is called A Tavola, which means “of the table.” It took over the location vacated when Donnie Mac’s closed last year. A Tavola is a happening place,...

Art Where You’ve Never Seen it Before

Art Where You’ve Never Seen it Before February 26, 2012 | What's New | Read More
Boise is a city of art lovers. People are often surprised when visiting for the first time just how many art galleries, live theaters, and performing arts groups we have here. It’s part of what makes the city such a fantastic place to live and a delightful place to visit. Arts are so integral to...

Snowshoeing in the Sawtooths

Snowshoeing in the Sawtooths February 24, 2012 | Things to Do | Read More
The Sawtooth mountain range is one of my favorite Idaho icons. The high, craggy peaks tower above deep canyons where rivers and lakes hide. This past three-day weekend, I went on a snowshoe trip in the Sawtooths with several families involved with my son’s Boy Scout troop. We hiked in to an area just...

Driving Trip from Boise

Driving Trip from Boise February 1, 2012 | Things to Do | Read More
With  Boise as your headquarters, anywhere in Idaho is a relatively easy drive. Often, when friends visit and we want to show them a taste of what the rugged mountains are like we take them on this drive. It can be completed in one day, offers plenty of opportunities to stop for a variety of recreational...

Yurt Camping

Yurt Camping January 30, 2012 | Things to Do | Read More
Idahoans are just as active in the outdoors during winter as we are the other seasons of the year. One of my favorite outdoor winter time activities is staying in a yurt. (They’re great in the summer, too, but in winter it offers the camping experience in a nice, warm yurt.) These are basically canvas-walled...