Dining in Istanbul: For the Ladies

Food — By Aysegul Surenkok on April 10, 2010 at 3:21 pm

Kantin Cafe, Catering and Delicatessen is a haven for the modern, health and taste conscious ladies. In the center of heart-throbbing Nişantaşı.

"Kantin Cafe Nisantasi"

Entrance of the cafe floor -inside the building

Kantin is made up of two floors and an open terrace under shady trees and overlooking the popular streets of Nişantaşı. The lower floor that is even below the pedestrian walkway is the store area from where busy singles and young couples, as well as the Nişantaşlı ladies (living in or around Nişantaşı) and the elder buy their home-baked bread, grissini, cake and desert, home-made jams, fresh basil sauce, granola and heathy meals from the open buffet. The higher floor, which is also the first floor of a typical Nişantaşı apartment building, is the cafe area, where the  ladies meet for lunch or over a cup of coffee. Many ladies also prefer to reunite here with their college friends and reminisce about the old days.

"Kantin Cafe Nisantasi"

The store area for take-aways

Kantin features a certain seasonal vegetable or ingredient each month. For instance, the vegetable of this month is artichokes. Many meals prepared during this season feature artichokes as their core ingredient. Other meals are also cooked daily and range from organic wheat salad to spinach soup and home-baked desert, such as New York style cheesecake, caramel profiteroles and the chestnut meringue.

"Inside Kantin Cafe Istanbul"

Daily meals are announced on the blackboard inside the cafe

Catering services are also available at Kantin Cafe. Busy people who already lead a life full of stress usually have much less time to cook for both themselves and others. Catering services at Kantin take into consideration not only major events, but also your casual dinners within family and friends.

An enjoyable place to take respite from shopping and other daily activities when you are around Nişantaşı.

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