Top 5 Romantic Hotels of Istanbul

Hotels, Romantic — By Aysegul Surenkok on April 18, 2010 at 7:01 am

In my opinion the boutique hotels are usually much more romantic than some other five or seven star hotels. The boutique hotels provide a certain sense of belonging that many other big and major hotels lack. Arrival to a boutique hotel is a simple process. A friendly concierge or receptionist directs you to your room, which is tiny or big, is nevertheless a personal space. Most other major branch hotels lack again in providing a personality to the rooms. What you get is an elegant standard.

It is thus that I will proceed this list first with the nicest boutique hotels of Istanbul, which are also extremely romantic. I will recount few other wellknown branch hotels as well, but you will notice that those too are a bit boutique in their own way.

The first hotel that pops into my mind when I say “boutique” and “romantic” is the A’jia Hotel on the shore of Asian Bosphorus. Do stop by for coffee, lunch or brunch -even if you are not going to stay here- just to seize its breathtaking view and atmosphere. Built inside an old mansion right by the coastline, the tranquility of the hotel and romanticism it provides cannot be matched by any other.

The second hotel on my list would be the Bebek Hotel in Bebek. Bebek Hotel is to Bebek and to the European Coast, what A’jia is to the Asian Coast. Built inside an ancient building with the most classic hotel entrance, Bebek Hotel has an unprecedented view of the Bosphorus Canal. Visit the Bebek Bar late on one evening and you will understand what I mean.

Following closely on the list is the Sumahan Hotel. Sumahan Hotel was converted into a boutique / design hotel from an old alcohol factory. The project was the final term project / thesis of the owner – architects when they were studying architecture in the USA. Sumahan Hotel is indeed very beautiful, but some of its fervour is lost unfortunately to the neighboring Kordon Fish Restaurant -which is popular as well as a little bit expensive and fills up quite a lot every day and night.

Coming back at the major hotels and the branch hotels, there is one on the list that I cannot not mention: Four Seasons Hotel. Whether it is Four Seasons in Sultanahmet or Four Seasons Bosphorus, Four Seasons is Four Seasons. It has the name, the brand, the service, the looks and the place. As is with many of the Four Seasons Branches around the world, in Istanbul as well, they did found the best spots to build a magnificent hotel. Maybe a little too magnificent…

Les Ottomans in Kuruçeşme is another magnificent old mansion turned into a boutique hotel with only 10 suites. Between Kuruçeşme Park and the Assk Cafe, Les Ottomans has one of the most luxury embolished romaticism offers in the city. It is also a venue much frequented by the Istanbulites.

Get romantic in these top romantic hotels as you watch the sunset and pamper yourself with a massage or an antic wine. You may not want to leave your room… Be warned.

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