Brunch at Laledan Restaurant inside Çırağan Palace

Five Star, Food, Romantic, Things to Do — By Aysegul Surenkok on May 4, 2010 at 7:31 pm

Brunches are the nicest way to kick off a Sunday morning with your loved ones. Especially when your mind is not full and the weather is good… Imagine a great buffet of nicest samples of delicious food -both breakfast and lunch-, your loved ones seated with you around a round table, sun shining on but not burning your skin, a cool breeze of wind whistling through your ear, your books, newspapers and a magnificent view…

Çırağan Palace has all of that and even more to offer. Every Sundays at the Laledan Restaurant inside the Palace are Sunday brunches between hours of 12 AM and 16 PM, for a total of 115 TRY. Included are all that you can eat, plus a complimentary glass of champagne.

The brunch is served inside a magnificent room with high ceilings and highly ornamented tables & chairs -reminiscent of the Ottoman era and its Sultans. Tables are positioned around the open buffet area, which is elevated slightly from the rest of the room.

On the open buffet are varieties of cheese, salami, dried fruits, nuts, jams, honey and bread & pastry. That of course is for breakfast only. Following the route are delicate samples of cold dishes: piece of salmon aesthetically fit into a shot glass with fresh basil and mozzarella, sauteed with virgin olive oil is one. Artichoke hearts sauteed again with virgin olive oil and capari is yet another. On the other side of the cold dishes and breakfast are lunch meals. From French onion soup to fish soup and grilled lamb with puree, there are all varieties of cuisine samples served. I will not mention the raw fish section and the sushi bar…

Dessert is my weak point. I actually tasted more than six different cakes: Tiramisu, apple crumble, blueberry pie, chocolate fudge and pancakes… Luckily, all are served in small pieces as if they were on a tasting menu -which indeed was the case for me…

It is highly recommended to spend some time also in Çırağan’s garden and around the pool. Kick off your shoes and enjoy the Sun, the sea, the weather and the people you are together with. What other better way to celebrate a special occasion?

P.S. I could really use a treatment in the spa after all that food 😉

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  • ahmet demir says:

    Very tempting. I sure will have a go as soon as possible. Even though I don’t have a sweet tooth I will certainly cement myself in the sushi’s section and then move on to the onion soup. And then there is ample time to taste everything. Thanks for the tip.


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