Sunset Silhouettes in Istanbul

free, Romantic, Things to Do — By Aysegul Surenkok on June 22, 2010 at 7:07 pm

Nothing better and more soothing, pacifying and more romantic than watching the sunset reflect on the tip of mosque or Bosphorus from the top of anywhere in Istanbul. When accompanied by a glass of cool wine or well-brewed Turkish tea, it feels as if the world is yours.

The following are a few places to get nice shots of Istanbul during sunset. You will also find a reference to a fellow “Flickr”er underneath each idea. Click on them for their image on the Flickr site.

Stroll by the coast, walk from one Üsküdar towards Harem -from where ferries come and go. At Üsküdar port seat yourself to one of the artisan tea buffets there -with small wooden stools and wooden tables- then get ready for the sunset.

[Image Let ideas compete]

Recall my recent post on Camekan Sokak and the Galata Neighborhood? Take that trail and add to all those things that you can do there to climb up the Galata Tower to have a sip of these magnificent view. Alternatively, you can go to Anemon Hotel and watch the sunset with a few glasses of fresh fruit juices or original cocktails.

[Image ..ayse..]

For an image as the sun sets over Galata itself… : [Image galpay]

There are many nice cafes and places around Beylerbeyi, from where you can watch the sunset. There is also a nice breakfast place called İncir Altı. Arrive early to watch the sun rise and then celebrate yourself with a huge breakfast -the Turkish style… Do not forget to visit the Beylerbeyi Palace.

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