The Magic Ice Museum

Kid Friendly, Things to Do, What's New — By Aysegul Surenkok on September 6, 2010 at 9:53 am

For the first time ever since its establishment, the Magic Ice Museum has opened in a mild climate. It was originally opened in Norway -one of the coldest European countries.

The Museum has been around since the 23rd of April 2010, which was also the National Children’s day. The project has been brought to life by the Lofoten Trading Company. Around 20 million dollars have been used for the establishment. 70 tons of ice has been brought from the Jukkasjarv area of Sweden to create the statues inside the museum. The artists who made these statues stayed in Istanbul for about 15 days and worked day and night under -5 C degrees to bring the project to life.

Inside the museum it is indeed ice cold (-5 Celsius degrees as mentioned above). Going in you are given a thick Eskimo jacket to protect your body from the cold inside. However, you will not be given any leggings or shoes, therefore bring along your own or dress up appropriately.

You will not immediately taken within the museum. There is waiting room of zero degrees, where you are taken on hold for at least 3 minutes so that your body can adjust to the heat difference.

Inside the museum, everything is made from ice. Theme is that of the Vikings, who supposedly have traveled through the city in the 1100s. As such, there are mostly ice ships and ice pirates. To go into this pirate environment, you need first to pass a long ice tunnel.


The third compartment (the tunnel the first, the exhibition the second) is a vitamin bar, where you are offered icy fruit juices. Whilst sipping your ice vitamin juices, you also get to watch an unforgettable show of lights and effects.

The museum is supposed to remain in Istanbul for another year at least. Entrance costs 20 TRY for adults, 15 TRY for children and the elder. There are also sculpture workshops every Sunday inside the museum. The museum is located inside the Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall.

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