Şark Han

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Şark Han is a funny, must-see place in Eminönü. It is a giftware sale house with five floors and over 200 stores. The sale items are all arriving from China and hence most store owners are indeed Chinese. In Turkey there is a common phrase: “1 YTL stuff”. Şark Han is the home of such stuff. This is not to say that anything you lay your eyes or hands on will indeed turn out to be 1 TRY. It is just a way of saying that these are cheap stuff with little intrinsic value.

As said before most store owners are Chinese. Even some Turkish owners are also called “Chinese” here. In the lowest floor, there is store run by the “Chinese Ahmet”. Ahmet is like the “Hans” of Turkish. It is such a common name. And, Ahmet here also is Turkish; but everyone knows him as the Ahmet from China. When inquired about as to why such prefix has been given, Ahmet says nothing and smiles…

Funny as it is, Şark Han is also wild and tiring. With five floors and over 200 stores which seem to interconnected and without boundaries, Şark Han is head-spinning. Items sold include head bands, hats, weird bibelots, masks, tambourines, porcelain sheesha (hookah), massage stuff like pinned head bands and feet masks, bags, manicure and pedicure sets, kitchenware, vases and many many other things I cannot recall all at once. And, all this is much like as if it was free… Do entertain yourself with one look!

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