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Kahve Dunyasi, which is translated as the Coffee World, is the so-called local Starbucks. Offering a wide variety of coffee as in Starbucks (cold or hot), Kahve Dunyasi has been founded in 2004. Its first branch was in Eminonu, in the vicinity of Egyptian Spice Bazaar. The founder is a Turkish male persona who is highly sophisticated and educated. As such, the owner and the founder carries out a lot of research into coffee and chocolate abroad in well-known patisserie cities such as Wien and Paris. Not limited with these cities and some cliche names, the owner and his advisory group of eat & drink buddies “the gourmet gang” travel out of the city few times a year to discover new tastes and combination that might work well in the local market.

Reviews on the internet reveal that prices are cheap enough to be deemed “funny”. The embarking point of the foundation was coffee -as it reveals itself in the name of the brand as well “Kahve Dunyasi” -the Coffee World. Nonetheless, going into any one of the stores or a bit of research online makes one think that coffee is not where the brand would like to excel in. It must be, has to be “chocolate”. Let me share with you an anecdote in one of the online reviews.

Young man enters the Coffee World to buy himself a cup of coffee. At the entrance he embarks upon a chocolate fountain. Free for sampling, the fountain is accompanied by a bunch of banana chips and strawberries. The young man dips in a few strawberries, yummy, and goes toward the cashier. He is about to take two packages of ready-to-make coffees; yet, the cashier offers him a can of chocolates. “Would you not take one, sir?” Free of charge and purely for sampling purposes, the young one takes one. Yummy more… He finally grabs two packages and asks, how much? “0.5 TRY” says the cashier. Agape, with a 20 TRY bill in his hand the young man starts searching for change. The cashier tells the man not to worry, he can take away the packs for free this time. In fact, what is more, the cashier offers him a tin of small filter coffee on the house.

A variety of cake and chocolate

This seems to be the service point of the Coffee World: please your customer by over-delivery and excellent service. At the same time whether you are weight conscious or not, they make you sample their chocolate.

Since 2004, the number of branches across the city has increased immensely. With quite strategic locations in strategic neighborhoods, most branches tend to attract a certain group of people. The original branch in Eminonu is predominantly occupied by tourists that would like to get a taste of local blend of coffee. Branch is Kabatas is near the Mimar Sinan University (Fine Arts College) and as such is filled with university students. Branch is Nisantasi is close to American Hospital and attracts doctors from the hospital.

Baskets full of coffee

As with every good thing, there are also justifiable criticism. Some people criticize the cold coffees of the place. A comment made by a friend was that “milkshake and frappe” these are not the same thing. Have not had any of either at this place; but did have Frozen Melon and that was in fact quite good.

To cut the long story short, whatever you are having, you are likely to get some chocolate with it 🙂

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