Bits and pieces from Astoria

Five Star, Food — By Aysegul Surenkok on March 27, 2011 at 8:55 am

The region form Mecidiyeköy to Maslak is developing to a skyscraper center, and naturally you can find a number of shopping centers in this region. And not to mention those are the most luxury onesof Istanbul .

Astoria is one of those luxury shopping centers in the above mentioned region near  Mecidiyeköy. It has facilities like, shopping ( you can find the most famous brands here), eating, cinema, health club and entertainment, much like the other shopping centers in Istanbul.

Tuesdays are Ladies’ Day at Cinebonus Astoria Cinema. It was last tuesday that I decided to enjoy Matt Damon’s recent movie The Adjustment Bureau half price. Before the movie though, I wanted to have a light lunch; so I decided to go to Kitchenette, one of the cafe & bar chains in Istanbul. You can find a Kitchenette in Taksim, Bebek, Kanyon shopping center, on Bağdat Caddesi on the Asian side  and in fact all around Istanbul in shopping malls and busy streets.

The menu at Kitchenette includes a lot of variety from European, Italian and Turkish cuisines. As I wanted to have a light lunch, I went for soup. The tomato soup of Kitchenette is almost like a tradition. I like its tiny creamy taste with lots of tomatoes. It is not just the soup though. The food at Ktichenette is fairly good compared to some other chain restaurant. However, I still find myself asking (always): Why? Why can’t chain restaurants manage to serve the food, the beverage and the bread at the same time?

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