Marmara Coast

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Istanbul is at a junction point of the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. The very famous Bosphorus is the canal that locates itself at the connection of both Seas.

This unique combo of multiple Seas on all sides of the city create a nice opportunity for the nature lovers: they can enjoy the seaside, whilst spending time in a metropole.

Put your feet on the sand and in the city

With multiple junction points and Seas, there are a number of different ways and places to enjoy Istanbul seasides. You may obviously take walks along the boshporus on either the Asian or the European side. There are long and nice walking ways on both coasts. You may alternatively take a boat and enjoy the Bosphourus on board. You may rent a car and drive either to Şile on the Asian side, or Kilyos on the European side. Then you would be around the Bosphorus and along the Black Sea…

The choices are many and varied -more than just those mentioned above. I aim to write about each and every one of them as we enter the Spring…  Only step by step :).

I shall start with the Marmara Coast on the Asian Istanbul and guide you from the Bağdat street to the Marmara seaside. This is the famous Caddebostan Coastline, where at any hour of the day you may see someone running, jogging, biking, walking, even doing yoga or just idly sitting and watching the seagulls, listening to them sing.


We are at the seaside of Caddebostan. Starting from Kadıköy, this coastline goes to Pendik; and as such is a walking and biking district of nearly 20 kms long.

On the street level, what runs parallel to the coastline is the famous Bagdat Street. Nearly just about every street from the Bağdat street leads to the Caddebostan coast. If you get confused just look out for street signs saying “ Sahil Yolu”.

What to do at the seaside of Caddebostan is basically simple… Relax, walk, read a book… It is free… However, if you were yearning for drinks or food, there are several tea houses around as well. Some of those are located directly over the sand, as if you were at a small coastal village. But, hey!.. You are stil in Istanbul ;)

[Images by Burcin Gokce]

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